Oral Surgery

X-Guide from Nobel Biocare

With the use of sophisticated equipment such as X-Guide, Studio Bindi is able to treat and solve the most difficult and complex cases of implantology, even if the amount of bone is very small. Thanks to these techniques supported by the new technology it is possible to be less and less invasive, using protocols capable of giving the patient functionality and aesthetics in a very short time. In fact, today at the Bindi Studios in Florence and Lucca, partial and total rehabilitations can be carried out in less than 24 hours.

  • Oral Surgery

What is X-Guide

X-Guide is a 3D view surgical navigation system that supports an optimized workflow for dynamically guided surgery. The office can perform a dental implant on the same day. In addition, with the DTX Studio Implant software, the doctor has direct access to Nobel Biocare's implant library that he can use during the creation of the treatment plan for the benefit of the surgery itself.

How X-Guide works

The patient's mouth is scanned to show exactly what is happening, and then saved as a file that will be used for the surgery. Then, thanks to the 3D navigation, the X-Guide machine will be used and it helps the doctor to place the implant exactly where it needs to be placed. The resulting graphics help you see the implant in motion in order to undertake guided surgery, so you only need to follow the procedures that X-Guide provides. Just look at the screen, which shows what surgery is actually being performed on the patient, to position the depth and angle so that the implant osteotomy is prepared by looking at the screen only. X-Guide provides visual information telling you exactly where the burs will go, in this way you can avoid the dental nerves and the paranasal sinuses making the surgery safe and very predictable.

What are the benefits of using X-Guide

Studio Bindi is proud to announce the arrival of Nobel Biocare's brand new X-Guide technology that allows a better planning for implant surgery and execution with unprecedented precision. In emergencies, thanks to X-Guide, it is possible to plan and perform the implant surgery even on the same day, all combined with reduced intervention times, less invasiveness and qualitatively better results. The X-Guide system is the GPS of implant surgery: absolute precision, reduced treatment times, rapid diagnosis, possibility of organizing the intervention in the day.

That's what awaits us from the clinic of the future!