Dental aesthetics

To have a nice smile

A beautiful smile is a sign of health and social ease. We are concerned with having a beautiful smile as well as a healthy mouth. We can improve the appearance of your teeth. If you are not happy with how your teeth look, contact the Bindi Specialist Dental Clinic. Come and discover all the specific treatments to improve your smile.

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Dental veneers

These thin ceramic shells are bonded to natural teeth using a special adhesive technique to hide imperfections and change the appearance of your smile. They perform a twofold function by improving the appearance of your teeth and strengthening your teeth while chewing. When are veneers used? We usually use dental veneers when we want to improve the shape, colour and position of your teeth (for example, when correcting a big gap or when some teeth are slightly crooked or discoloured).

before and after of white teeth

Ceramic inlays

A dental inlay is used when a significant portion of the tooth is decayed or missing due to an accident. It is made out of ceramic, a long-lasting biocompatible material, and inserted directly into the tooth cavity in order to reconstruct its original shape and improve the look of your teeth. Because ceramic inlays do not have any metal parts, they allow the light to filter through ensuring a very attractive appearance. Ceramic is also a biocompatible material that adapts very well to the human body. Ceramic inlays can also be used to replace grey lead amalgam fillings – which contain materials toxic to the human body such as mercury.

Tooth whitening

Over time, tooth colour can change for various reasons or discolouration may be present from birth. This may occur for various reasons: antibiotics, age, absorption of pigments from drinks or food, accidents or inappropriate revitalisation. Tooth whitening is a technique that does not damage the teeth and can be used to restore them to the required colour. This professional treatment involves applying gel with different concentrations of molecules that are quickly absorbed under the effect of special lamps.

All-ceramic crowns

All-ceramic crowns are caps with no metal parts, made entirely out of ceramic. They can be used to restore a tooth so that it looks exactly like a natural tooth. Various types of ceramic can be used. A superlative end result depends on the skill of the dentist and the laboratory making the tooth.