Dental implants

A few steps to get your smile back.

Smiling should no longer be a luxury. We replace the missing teeth with Nobelbiocare titanium implants, which are the best in the world. These pins are inserted into the bone to create new roots and anchor the fixed prostheses.

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Immediate implant placement

The loss of a tooth could be a traumatic experience, with serious repercussions not only on the aesthetic aspect in the patient's smile, but also on the psychological one, as it could result in loss of safety and self-esteem and therefore a significant drop in the quality of one's life. In recent years, dental science has made great improvements in dental implantology techniques, making it possible to obtain fixed teeth right from the start.

At our study you will find high qualified team carrying out this type of technique, called immediate loading placement. This name derives from the fact that fixed screws are anchored to the screws screwed into the bone, placed under the gum (to replace the root of the missing teeth).

dental immediate implant

Computer guided implant placement

At the Bindi Specialist Studio, nothing is left to chance. In addition to availing ourselves of great dental professionals, we have technologically advanced equipment, in order to guarantee the maximum precision and care in every treatment we are going to carry out.

So far, the installation of the implants was solved with the use of classical surgery, which meant making a cut and then stitching the wound.This technique often caused considerable post-operative pains, as well as discomfort in living everyday life. The computer-guided implantology provides a totally different approach to the installation of the plant, starting from the design of the plant up to its application

Surgery is performed with the utmost precision, thanks to computerized processing of 3D images. The creation of a mask of resin-like material allows the transfer of information processed by the computer to the patient, so that the surgeon can be constantly assisted by the computer, so that the possibility of errors are zero.

dental guided implant

You can go back to eating your favourite foods and you will be permanently rid of all hang-ups and problems caused by having one or more missing teeth. If you need implants, we will offer you maximum quality at competitive prices. You need not be concerned, the treatment is performed by a top-level team and covered by a lifetime warranty. Because we want our patients to feel protected.

No tooth is superfluous. If you have lost a tooth, an implant is the best solution for you. Contact the Bindi Specialist Dental Clinic. The centre’s specialists will conduct a detailed analysis using high-tech equipment to formulate a thorough diagnosis that will enable them to recommend the solution best suited to your needs.

Nobelbiocare ultra-pure titanium implants inserted into the bone secure the teeth, prevent them moving about and facilitate chewing while restoring aesthetics and function. The implants have the same properties as natural teeth. They look exactly the same. You will recover your health and self-esteem.

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