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We clear up your doubts

We want to inform our patients about everything related to the services we offer, providing correct information transparently.

Let's get clear on dental implantology

Dental implantology is one of the most requested services at our studio in Florence. However, we find ourselves up against some many worried patients, because of disinformation about implantology.

Dental venners explained by Dr. Giovanni Bindi

The new frontier of dental aesthetic is represented by Dental Veneers. They have been patented by Giovanni Bindi and his team in Geneva and no one can help us understand their features better than he can.

About the orthodontics with Dr. Arturo Fortini

Orthodontics is one of the pillars on which dentistry rests. We firmly believe in prevention from the earliest age, in order to prevent any kind of deformations.

Computergest├╝tzte Implantologie

We take advantage of Computer Guided Implantology, in order to guarantee the best possible result. Doctors Giovanni and Riccardo Bindi explain it to us.