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  • orthodontics

Metal braces

The quickest treatment. Metal braces will quickly align your teeth.

Ceramic braces

These blend in with the colour of your teeth. They take slightly longer than metal braces to align your teeth and the outcome is identical.

Braces in monocrystalline ceramic (sapphire)

These braces made out of monocrystalline ceramic (sapphire) will maintain your dentition impeccably.

Lingual orthodontics

The most discreet treatment. The braces are bonded to the lingual surface of the teeth, i.e. on the inside. It is best-looking solution for aligning your teeth.

Invisible orthodontics

This involves wearing clear, removable braces that you can remove and replace for eating and brushing your teeth. These made-to-measure braces replace other orthodontic systems and are ideal for people who do not wish to resort to other orthodontic methods because of occupational or aesthetic needs. Consult us without any obligation to find out if this type of orthodontic work is right for you.